At Villa Eliodora the primary goal is to feel well inside and out. The sea, the sky, the scent of the wind and the peaceful sound of the waves are part of the well-being that is further enhanced when treating yourself with a good massage done by a true professional.
Naturopath Dr. Lara Di Molfetta is specialized in various styles of massage and since 2019 she has been cooperating with Villa Eliodora, offering massages at the villa.

We offer our guests the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments of relaxation and harmony with 60 minutes personalized treatments. There is a vast array of options to choose from.

You can book a single massage or buy a package of 3, 5 or 7 massage at a very convenient rate.

For further information and bookings send an e-mail to or call +39 331 21 33 898

For further information

Plantar reflexology

What is it? Plantar reflexology is a treatment that stimulates the reflex points on the feet and aims at harmonizing the person on a physical and emotional level.

What are the benefits? Plantar reflexology is beneficial to those who wish to balance and harmonize the body and the mind. A good mind-body balance strengthens the immune system.

How is it done? Plantar reflexology stimulates all reflex points that are connected to the various organs in the body through specific manual pressure techniques based on an in-depth study of the principles of Chinese medicine.

Bioenergetic massage

What is it? Bioenergetic massage is an energetic, invigorating and balancing massage. Through specific manual techniques it stimulates the body and reestablishes its harmony and vitality.

What are the benefits? Bioenergetic massage is beneficial to those who wish to stimulate and rebalance the body and reestablish its normal physiological functions. Bioenergetic massage is especially useful in certain seasons of the year.

How is it done? The first stage of the bioenergetic massage is a stimulation of the Chinese acupuncture energy points, which is then followed by specific rebalancing, tonifying and revitalizing manual techniques.

Biorem massage

What is it? Biorem massage is a technique that will bring you into a state of deep relaxation. It is a combination of acupressure and Chinese micro-massage static manual techniques which will bring you into REM sleep, an extremely important sleep stage crucial for mind-body balance.

What are the benefits? Biorem massage is useful against stress and for those in need of balance and harmony. It is excellent for very tense people, people with sleep problems and difficulty to relax.

How is it done? Through acupressure, biorem massage stimulates 473 energy points of Chinese acupuncture with a combination of static manual techniques and Chinese micro-massage pressures.

Color reflexology

What is it? Color reflexology is an acupressure and color therapy treatment done on specific acupuncture points and meridians. Color is life and each color has a specific frequency and rebalancing potential.

What are the benefits? Color reflexology is useful for those who wish to support and maintain their mind-body balance. Colors and light are the purest forms of nourishment that we can offer to the energy of our organs.

How is it done? Color reflexology is practiced by stimulating Chinese acupuncture energy points with specific colors adapted to each person and with manual pressures on hands, feet and ears.

Craniosacral therapy

What is it? Craniosacral therapy consists in micromovements of the bones in the skull and the spine, which reveal the rhythmic fluctuation of the cerebrospinal liquid. These gentle movements are deeply balancing and harmonizing for the body and promote general health.

What are the benefits? Craniosacral therapy helps eliminating tensions and stress. The spinal nerves of the whole body originate from the spine and craniosacral therapy helps maintaining the fluidity and flexibility of the whole back and promotes balance.

How is it done? Craniosacral therapy is done through static positioning of the hands on the spine and through the therapist’s deep listening. According to the needs of the person the areas and duration of the treatment may vary.

Lymphatic drainage massage

What is it? Lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle massage with deep and rhythmic manual techniques performed on the whole body with special attention to the lymph nodes.

What are the benefits? Lymphatic drainage massage is useful for circulation problems and water retention. This massage stimulates the immune system and cleanses the whole system as well as stretching the muscle fibers, an action which has a relaxing effect on the nervous system. It can also offer support before and after surgery.

How is it done? Lymphatic drainage massage is done with a sequence of gentle and deep manual techniques on the body.

Bach flowers

What are they? Bach flowers are flower remedies found by E. Back, immunologist, pathologist and bacteriologist MD who lived between 1886 and 1936. He claimed that the symptoms of an illness represent the physical and exterior manifestations of negative inner states. Phytotherapy is a simple, natural and universal system that reestablishes harmony between the mind and the body.

What are the benefits? Bach flowers are useful in restoring balance and harmony in cases of dissatisfaction, anxiety, insecurity, pessimism, panic attacks, apathy, disappointment, distress, physical and psychological trauma, guilt, irritability, stress, inferiority complex, agitation, concentration problems, restlessness and in all cases of interior discomfort.

How does it work? Phytotherapy is done through a consultation in which the correct remedies, aimed at restoring harmony, are chosen according to each individual.